Here you can read how we recommend you bet, and what the many different betting terms mean. To earn as much as possible as a member of BettingPredict, we recommend to set your own opinions aside, read our analysis and play every game that we suggest.

What Offers BettingPredict?

BettingPredict is a service for anyone who would like to earn some extra money a month. Our experts have several years of experience. They spend every day keeping up to date with the latest sports news whilst adjusting their analysis accordingly- here is your advantage: we do the leg work, we find good predictions, and the only thing you as a member have to invest your money in our picks.

Money management

The meaning of BettingPredict is to ensure creating an extra income every month to keep betting and it is important to follow some very specific strategies. We advise you to invest the same amount on all our predictions, whilst applying simple bank roll management. For example, break your bank roll into 100 units and bet no more then 3 units on each selection. The art of betting is to make profit month after month, and the key to this is consistency, that is what we offer.

What Betting Markets?

At BettingPredict we deal mostly on the following betting markets: Asian handicap, european handicap, player performance, over / under, draw no bet, double chance and money line. Asian Handicap: Chicago Bulls – 2.5 – this means Chicago must win by at least 3 points to win your bet. Chicago Bulls + 2.5 means Chicago can lose by up to 2 points, and then you win still your bet. If you play Chicago -3 points and they win by exactly 3 points, or you play +3 and they lose by exactly 3 then you get the deposit back.

Understanding Betting Markets

European handicap: Real Madrid – 1 means that they must win by more than one clear goal,there is no chance to get deposits back you either win, or you lose. Therefore, the European handicap odds also higher than asian handicap. Player Performance: Here it is mainly the NBA, where we look at specific players to go over or under on a certain statistic. This could be points, rebounds or assists. For example, Lebron James to scorer over 27.5 points, or Russell Westbrook under 11.5 assists. .

About BettingPredict

BettingPredict is a betting service that takes away the need for you to labor over making your own picks. Our sports experts are here every day behind the keys to finding the best value in the betting markets for all our users. When you are a member with us, you will find that betting will not only be fun, but profitable. Simply put, our goal is to make you extra income.

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